Academic Integrity

FIU is committed to the CORE values:
Responsibility, Truth, Freedom, Respect and Excellence.

It is the Responsibility of all students, faculty and administration to conduct all academic and scholarly activities in Truth which means the honest pursuit, generation, dissemination and application of knowledge.

Freedom of thought and expression allows us to show concern and act on issues related to Academic Integrity with Respect for the diversity and dignity of all individuals.

Together these core values form the foundation for Academic Integrity at FIU which brings Excellence in intellectual, personal and operational endeavors.

FIU Pledge

As a student of this university:

I will be honest in my academic endeavors.
I will not represent someone else's work as my own.
I will not cheat, nor will I aid in another's cheating.

All students are deemed by the university to understand that if they are found responsible for academic misconduct, they will be subject to the Academic Misconduct procedures and sanctions, as outlined in the Student Handbook.

* This Code of Academic Integrity was adopted by the Student Government Association on November 28, 2001 and reflects the values articulated in the Student Code of Standards.


Academic Integrity