Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity Committee

The Academic Integrity Committee was approved by the FIU Faculty Senate in the spring of 2014. Its inception was initiated by the selection of an ad hoc committee on academic misconduct in the spring of 2013.


The mission of the FIU Academic Integrity Committee is to provide guidance for processes that will support students, faculty, and administration to maintain and sustain a culture of Academic Integrity. The committee will also search for innovations and research to support this on-going effort.


The vision of the Academic Integrity Committee is an institutional culture where students, faculty, and administration are motivated to act in all endeavors with integrity as a reflection of FIU’s core values - Responsibility, Truth, Freedom, Respect and Excellence.


  1. This committee shall consist of at least three faculty members appointed by the Chair of the Faculty Senate with the approval of the Steering Committee.
  2. An undergraduate student and a graduate student chosen by the Student Government Association may be voting members of the committee. The Dean of the Undergraduate Education or his/her designee, and the Dean of the Graduate School or his/her designee shall be ex-officio non-voting members.
  3. The term of faculty membership shall be two years with terms of membership staggered so that one-half of the membership is renewed each year.
  4. All committee members shall begin their term of office effective the first week of classes in the fall term.
  5. The committee shall elect a Chair and secretary at its first meeting in the fall term.
Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Review all current policies and procedures regarding Academic Integrity at FIU.
  2. Identify problems and current practices that might affect Academic Integrity.
  3. Determine known best practices to address academic misconduct.
  4. Promote communication with students, faculty and administration about Academic Integrity.
  5. Develop effective policies, procedures and guidelines to address academic misconduct.
  6. Create a strategic plan that will stimulate, promote and sustain a culture of Academic Integrity at FIU.

Committee Members

  • Kristin Nichols-Lopez (Chair)
  • Ming Fang
  • Carleen Vincent-Robinson
  • Phyllis Kotey
  • Peter Polak
  • Chris Ellis
  • Patricia McDermott-Wells
  • Maikel Alendy
  • Jessica Rodriguez
  • Ashley Medero
  • Lucie Duglasch
  • Patricia Houle
  • Janie Valdes
  • Isis Artze
  • Amanda Ogisi
  • Kristen Kawczynski
  • Yenisleidy Simon (Graduate Assistant)
  • Corey Wilson (Gradaute Student)
  • Van Rolle Jr. (Graduate Student)
  • Lissandra Perez (Graduate Student)
  • Keandre Blount (Undergraduate Student)


A meeting schedule is developed by the committee at its initial meeting during each semester.

Special meetings of the committee may be called provided all members are notified at least 48 hours in advance and notice of such meeting is provided to the Chair and Secretary of the Senate.

Currently, the Academic Integrity Committee meets 1-2 times a month.

Agenda and Minutes are available via the Faculty Senate website.

If you would like to participate, please contact the AI Committee Chair, Dr. Valerie George at or 305-348-1892.



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