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Viewing Party and Discussion: Guide to Judicious Investigation of Suspected Academic Misconduct by Christian Moriarty, JD MA

Friday April 28th, 2017
Starting at 2:00pm
GL 322

Academic Integrity Pledge Asks Students to Fight Plagiarism

Understanding and Addressing Plagiarism in Student Work

A discussion of challenges and prevention strategies

February 9th, 2017
2:00pm - 3:00pm
Room: GL 482

This event is hosted bu the Center for Advancement of Teaching and Writing Across the Curriculum.
RSVP: Erica Caton at

FIU's 1st Academic Integrity Day

On Wednesday, October 19th 2016, FIU’s had its first Academic Integrity Day in conjunction with the 1st International Day of Action against Contract Cheating.

The day began with a Roundtable Discussion in GL 482, where students and faculty members discussed academic integrity in light of cultural values. The group also talked about why students cheat and what can be done to cultivate academic integrity at FIU. The group also discussed contract cheating and Dr. George, Faculty Fellow for Academic Integrity, told the group about the new Institutional Toolkit to Combat Contract Cheating launched that day. Both faculty and students agreed that focusing on the importance of learning and education is paramount and a commitment by faculty and students to make this a priority is of most importance.

The Roundtable was followed by two informational tabling sessions – one at the Graham Center (GC) and another at the Engineering Computer Information Science (ECIS) building – where students played “Spin the Wheel” to learn facts about academic integrity and contract cheating. Students were also asked to sign the Academic Integrity Pledge and received a free travel drive with resources about academic integrity. This was provided by FIU Online. Overall, 80 students signed the Academic Integrity Pledge that day and many more stopped by the tables showing interest in our initiatives.

This is only one of many planned initiatives to stimulate a conversation about FIU core values (Truth, Responsibility, Respect, Excellence and Freedom) and Academic Integrity at FIU

Academic Integrity Day 1 Academic Integrity Day 2
Academic Integrity Day 3 Academic Integrity Day 1

Ukrainians visit FIU to learn more about Cultivating Academic Integrity
May 17, 2016

On May 17th, Ukrainians participating in the Open World Program, an exchange program designed for young professional leaders, came to FIU to discuss the current challenges of cultivating academic integrity in higher education. This visit was facilitated by Annette Alvarez, Executive Director of Global Ties Miami, formerly known as the National Council for International Visitors and Eric Feldman of FIU Global Learning. In the morning, the Ukrainians shared the challenges they face and their efforts to address academic misconduct. About twenty students from FIU participated in the discussion. In the afternoon, Dr.Valerie George, Faculty Fellow for Academic Integrity, presented her Model for Cultivating Academic Integrity –The Cultural Interface. The guests discussed how differences in world view influence attitudes and beliefs affecting academic integrity. The visitors also went to the DRC and the Learning Center where they were informed about our efforts to support all our students in the educational process.

Ukraine Visitors

Academic Honesty on Campus
Dr. Valerie George, Faculty Fellow for Academic Integrity
April 5, 2016 at 12:30 PM in GC 150

Last month, Dr. George moderated a discussion with students about academic honesty on campus. The discussion was based on The New York Times' article "The Fading Honor Code" by Jessica Cheung, which centered on Middlebury College in Vermont. Middlebury was shaken aftere a survey revealed that 35% of its students had admitted to violating the school's honor code. In her discussion, Dr. George talked about how academic integrity relates to FIU's core values; TRUTH, RESPONSIBILITY, RESPECT, EXCELLENCE AND FREEDOM. She also explained why academic misconducts occur and how our individual culture plays a role.


Logan Hanna
 PC 237/238

Dr. Valerie George
Faculty Fellow for Academic Integrity
 AHC5 314